Regan Construction

Regan Construction

Regan Building offers a complete building solution to our various clients across the following building sectors:

• Residential
• Pharmaceutical
• Industrial
• Hotel, Tourism and Leisure

• Retail
• Public Amenity
• Commercial
• Restoration
Our team of highly experienced project managers, engineers and property specialists work in close liaison with each client to ensure total satisfaction at every stage of the project.



Regan Construction

Client: Dwyer Nolan Homes
Designers: Pat O’Gorman & Associates
Completion Date: January 2007
Description: A development consisting of 1350 residential units on a 16.4ha site. The scheme contained two storey housing, three storey duplex apartments and up to five storey apartment blocks over basement car parking.

  • Turnkey construction for 200 units
  • Construction of 6.5km of single lane carriage way
  • Excavation & Disposal 355,000m3 (including rock)
  • Under Ground Car Parks – 3no. (Insitu concrete construction)
  • Attenuation Tanks -3no. (Insitu concrete construction)
  • 15,600m of Surface Water and Foul Water Drainage
  • 13,500m of Utility Services
  • 7,500m Watermain

Regan Construction

Client: Cemex Ltd
Designers: Moylan Consultant Engineers
Completion Date: March 2008
Description: The project involved the demolition and regeneration of an existing concrete plant, while maintaining full daily operations.

  • Shipping office, store, QA laboratory & main office
  • Demolition of several existing structures
  • Construction of new circulating roads
  • Aggregate tipping bays & wedge pits
  • Mortar and concrete batching foundations & piled foundations
  • Insitu concrete attenuation tanks
  • Drainage systems – foul and surface
  • Watermain, gas main and utility services
  • Landscaping



Regan Construction

Client: FESP Ltd
Designers: Arup Consultant Engineers
Completion Date: May 2007
Description: The project involved the demolition an existing disused factory premises, and the construction of retail units and an office block.

  • Demolition of existing disused factory.
  • 9,000m2 of car park & 3,500m2 Concrete Service yard
  • 4 No. Car Show Rooms, a Garden Centre with Warehouse Unit
  • 20,000 sq. ft of Office Block
  • 2.5km of single carriageway
  • Construction of insitu concrete retaining walls
  • Installation of Surface Water & Foul Drainage Systems
  • Installation of watermain, gasmain and utility services
  • Accommodation Works and Landscaping.
  • Public Lighting, Signage and Roadmarkings

Regan Construction

Client: FESP Ltd
Designers: Project Architects
Completion Date: March 2004
Description: Site Development for the construction of Poppyfields Retail Park.

  • Bulk excavation and disposal
  • Construction of Retail and Commercial Units
  • Access Roads and Carparks
  • Kerbing and Footpaths
  • Foul and Surface water drainage systems
  • Watermains
  • Utility Services